6 Ways to Host Your React JS App For Free

September 13, 2021 • 2 min read

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Deploying an application created with a framework like React, Vue, or Angular differs significantly from deploying a website built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Choosing a hosting provider for your app is very important, as your website performance depends on it. Here are some popular and free hosting services, that you can use to deploy your react app.


It's the one I utilize for the majority of my projects. Netlify is a fantastic web development tool that is designed to help you increase your productivity as much as possible. Developers can use the platform to create, test, and deploy websites. Netlify is an incredibly rapid solution to assure that websites and apps are considerably more performant, scalable, and secure.



Vercel is a static site and frontend framework platform designed to interact with headless content, commerce, and databases. Vercel hosts my personal blog (blog.suhailkakar.com). Every Vercel personal account is a hobby account. Hobby accounts are free for life and can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.


Firebase Hosting

Firebase is a Google product that provides completely managed hosting for static and dynamic content, as well as microservices. SSD storage and a worldwide CDN are used to support the service.


GitHub Pages

For beginners, GitHub Pages is one of the quickest and most extensively utilized techniques for deploying websites. It's easy to maintain than many of the other tools mentioned in this article. You may use GitHub actions to automate deployments, configure CI/CD, and much more.

If you don't know about GitHub Actions, Victoria Lo has created an awesome series for beginners, I am sure you will find it useful. GitHub Pages


Surge is a cloud platform for hosting static websites that is relatively easy to use while also providing customization possibilities for those that require them. Their free tier allows for unlimited publishing, bespoke domains, and basic SSL, with more options available through their professional plan.



Heroku is a cloud service platform that has been increasingly popular in recent years. Because Heroku is so simple to use, it's a popular choice for many development projects. It offers straightforward application creation and deployment, with a specific focus on customer-focused solutions.



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